Zen Shiatsu at our centre from October

Sometimes we fail to express our emotions and these are stored in the muscles, and later cause blockages of energy flow, contractions or stiffness. It's an annoying, sometimes painful feeling, which leads to fatigue and discontent. Eventually it can escalate to health problems.

Shiatsu comes from Japan, the land of the rising sun. Historic basics of Shiatsu date back to 2500 years before Christ, as deep as the roots of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

The Japanese word Shiatsu means "finger pressure" and belongs to the massage techniques at our centre. Fingers and hands are also the most important instruments of the whole procedure; pressure of knees, elbows or feet is also used as appropriate. Applying pressure to various points along energy channels – meridians balances the circulation of Ki energy and adjusts the internal dysfunctions of the body.


Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu

Tere are several shiatsu techniques. One of the most famous is Zen Shiatsu. Zen Shiatsu is a method of work with body, which in recent decades has expanded from Asia to the whole Western world. The method includes techniques of pressure, oriental diagnosis, psychology and counselling on lifestyle.

In Zen Shiatsu we are working with 12 major and 12 prolongations of meridian paths corresponding to 12 organs of the human body. Each meridian is linked to a body organ, with its physiological and psychological function. Apart from exerting pressure on individual points, Zen Shiatsu uses techniques of limbs stretching, breathing exercises, warming or kneading.

Zen Shiatsu form can be dynamic when a therapist is preparing the "fertile ground" for their next action, or seemingly static when nothing significant seems to happen, but where there is the most important work done. Usually you will not find these two poles, i.e. dynamic release overlapping with deep relaxation, in other methods.

Zen Shiatsu is suitable for all ages, both adults and children. It takes about 80 minutes. The massage itself is preceded by a conversation about the past and current difficulties of the client, and evaluation of client’s condition. During this massage, the client is comfortably clothed, lying on the floor on amat. Relaxing music deepens the feeling of relaxation and rest. Inducing the mentaland physical well-being harmonizes the body and soul, and connects these two parts. During the massage, the symptoms and consequences of health problems are not suppressed, but the imbalances in the body are searched and solved.

Zen Shiatsu is very effective in cases where the main trigger of health problems is the emotional disturbance or stress.

It has abeneficial effect on symptoms such as tiredness and lack of energy, excessive stress, nervousness, insomnia, cold hands and feet, insufficient blood circulation, ear and eye problems, irregular menstruation, disturbances of cycle, backache, joint pain, muscle and sinew pain, indigestion, blood pressure disorders ,breathing problems, muscle tension in athletes and dancers.


Zen Shiatsu with Mgr. Juraj Németh

You can also try the massage in our centre from October 2015.
Mgr. Juraj Németh
devotes to Zen Shiatsu from 2011.