Specialized therapy

Special techniques designed for people for relaxation and rest, but also for the treatment of soft tissues, elimination of blocks, and pain management.

Craniosacral therapy

A physical manifestation of disease is preceded by a long-term disharmony at the level of soft tissues. Craniosacral therapy (cranium = skull, sacrum) is a gentle, non-invasive palpation technique. With a gentle touch, the therapist finely tunes the craniosacral rhythm, improves the pulsation of cerebrospinal fluid – effusion, and thereby affects the motion features, thinking and emotions of the patient. This is a holistic, gentle, yet highly effective treatment leading to a deep release. Pain subsides, blocks and tension are released in the soft tissues, bones, and areas affected by stress.

The treatment results in the improvement of internal environment, release of the central nervous system, deepening of self-awareness, return to an optimal level of health and performance. It brings the mind and body into harmony. The therapy is carried out while you are dressed and takes about an hour. It can be applied also in short-term problems of acute nature, as well as in patients with chronic difficulties.

Rolfing - entrance examination and therapy

The effective posture without the feel of stiffness, pain, and chronic stress. Whatever we do, our body is in constant interaction with gravity. During movement, we resist the gravity with our body posture. ROLFING is a holistic method, which facilitates regaining of efficient posture. ROLFING influences movement and function of the human body as a whole by means of physical education and mobilization of connective tissues – fascia. The therapeutic benefit of the process is significant improvement in breathing, increased mobility, more sensitive susceptibility of your own body and the ability to respond to new situations in everyday life with comfort and ease.

Foot diagnostics

Diagnosis of the foot with a podoscope. Podoscope is a diagnostic device for foot examination. It is used for direct observation and evaluation of loaded foot, to measure the valgus and varus values (deviation) with the goniometric instrument. The examination without a podoscope includes the examination of joint mobility in lower extremities, and muscle strength of lower extremity muscles.

Treatment of foot and legs

Treatment of foot and leg rests in the mobilization of joints of the lower extremities and regular exercise, which is aimed at strengthening the weakened muscles of the arch of the foot, ankle, knee and hip stabilizers, and strengthening of the deep stabilization system, in conjunction with medical insoles. The insole has a preventive effect for a healthy foot. In case of any imbalance, it speeds up the process of proper forming of the foot. It helps to relieve pain in painful foot strike and prevents fixation of incorrect motion stereotype.

Kinesio taping

The method is used in physiotherapy to affect the musculoskeletal system. It lies in the application of flexible tapes to the affected area. Reflex response of the organism is activated by proper application of the appropriate Kinesio Taping technique on the affected area with the aim to remove the pathological changes.The musculoskeletal system is thus allowed to return to physiological functional status. This procedure helps stretched, weakened or overloaded muscles, and removes the resulting pain.

Kinesio Tapingis a suitable complement not only for therapy of musculoskeletal problems, but first and foremost as part of prevention and reduction of the risk of potential injury.