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odborný zástupca - lekárka FBLR - MUDr. Natália Porubcová

MD. Natália Porubcová

professional guarantor – physical medicine and rehabilitation

MD. Natália Porubcová is a physician specializing in the field of physical medicine, balneology, medical rehabilitation (rehab) and neurology. In physio & care – MEDICAL CENTER she acts as the expert guarantor in the field of rehab.

The rehab specialization was gained by MD. Porubcová in 1993, and since then she has worked with children and adults in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. She has very close to active sportsmen.

Mgr. Juliana Šobeková

Mgr. Juliana Šobeková


Juliana passes on her rich knowledge and experience in physiotherapy to her patients with a smile and creativity. She likes to use yoga elements in her work.

Juliana graduated at the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, which she ended by working on the topic "Physiotherapy of post-acute coronary syndromes¨. In addition to working at the Children's Faculty Hospital in Bratislava, where she worked as a physiotherapist for almost 6 years, she completed the Master's study in an external form with the topic of the thesis "The Impact of Physiotherapeutic Methods on the Quality of Life of Child Cancer Patients". In September 2016 she successfully completed the postgraduate studies in the field of physiotherapy focusing on functional and structural disorders of the locomotor system. The final work from this specialized study was the SM system in rehabilitation treatment of scoliosis in adolescents.

The main content of outpatient practice are painful vertebrogenic conditions in young athletes and spinal deformities (scoliosis) and feet.Juliana also has experience with compensatory exercises with pregnant women. She has also gained knowledge and skills through several courses – kinesiotape, SM system 1-4, respiratory physiotherapy, DNS (A, paediatric course), basal stimulation, diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders, and others. 

Zuzana Rohutná physiotherapist

Zuzana Rohutná


Mgr. Martina Dubovská


Marek Lapšanský massager

Marek Lapšanský


Since 2003, when Marek completed his first massage course, he has entirely dedicated to masseur activities. He has experience as a sports masseur in an athletic and tennis club, as well as the personal masseur of elite athletes. As a former active sportsman in athletics he knows that regeneration and relaxation are very important for the performance of any athlete. A good massage comes in handy to anyone.

In physio & care – MEDICAL CENTER, we will provide you with classic massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, foot reflexology, as well as hot stone massage. We constantly deepen our skills and knowledge.

Ľubomír Jezný massager

Ľubomír Jezný