Sports and Health Week – Eurovea Bratislava

Our physiotherapists attended the Week of Sports and Health in Eurovea Bratislava. We have prepared a series of lectures with practical examples for the event visitors.

Lecture topics

1. Prevention of pain and knee injuries (Mgr. Barbora Bartolčičová, PhD.)

2. Stretching after running – practical examples (Mgr. Barbora Bartolčičová, PhD. and Dipl. physiotherapist Janka Závacká)

3. Original Kinesio taping (Cert. physiotherapist Radovan Vrabec)

4. What type of massage before and after exercise (Ing. Peter Štofko)

5. Impact of feet on the musculoskeletal system (Cert. physiotherapist Radovan Vrabec)

6. The spine school – Preventing back pain during normal daily activities (Cert. physiotherapist Janka Závacká)