FootBalance – insoles made-to-measure

Our feet and legs are the first shock absorber of our body – they cushion and absorb the shocks caused by uneven surfaces alternately by body movements, acting as levers while moving the body forward.

Basic types of legs

Legs can be divided into three basic categories, based on the role they fulfill.

Supination (O-shaped curvature)
Crossing turns or rotates the foot outwards so that the outer edge of the foot is burdened with the weight  (body weight). 


Neutral position
Foot and ankles are in a straight line. The body weight is evenly distributed between the foot and the heel.


Pronation (X-shaped curvature)
In this case during the step, the outer edge of the heel touches the ground first, gradually rolls inward and absorbs the shock. The body weight is transferred to the inside of the foot. The foot pushes away from the base at the end of the step. This is the most common type of foot.


Each of your foot can represent a different type. If you have the so called convergence of feet, i.e. one leg can be more convergent than the other. Regardless of the type of your foot, FootBalance custom insoles provide perfect support of your feet arches in a neutral position, promote a balanced toughness and strength in feet/legs and contribute to the proper functionality of the legs.

Something about arches

The longitudinal arch
When we talk about arches, usually we mean longitudinal arch. The arch spans from the heel to the metacarpus, its main function is the distribution of body weight and shock absorption. High, low or collapsed longitudinal arch of the foot disrupts the distribution of body weight along the foot, while absorbing shocks during the step down and at landing.

Lowor collapsed arches are often associated with excessive convergence of legs; on the other hand, high arches are often associated with excessive divergence. Its hould be noted that it is not a 100% rule. You may suffer from excessive convergence in high arch feet, or show excessive convergence in low arches or flat feet.

Transverse arch
Most of us do not have sufficient knowledge about the transverse arch. This type of arch is perpendicular to the longitudinal arch, and is located in the central area of ​​the foot. 

Many problems of the forefoot, such as blisters, hammer thumb, tingling, or pain are associated with high or low arches. Some relief can be achieved by supporting the arches in order to enlarge the space for the nerves and veins in the middle ofthe foot. Customized insoles can be made to measure so as to support the transverse foot arch.


Rehabilitačné vyšetrenie

Benefits of FootBalance solutions

FootBalance – are innovative insoles, which bring benefits to the customer at an affordable price. The FootBalance concept provides a complete analysis of your feet and insoles made to the measure and shape of your feet in less than 10 minutes. Each insole is individually treated with heat and molded to the shape of your feet, providing the perfect fit of the feet in the shoes, no matter what the shape of your feet arch is, what shape your legs have, and if you have different right and left leg.

FootBalance insoles support your foot and its correct position in order to contribute to the proper functionality of the feet and adjust the overall good posture. Patented flexible core of FootBalance insoles returns energy and promotes good functionality of feet muscles, strengthening the arches of the feet and balance. The expert studies have shown that the improved posture helps maintain the biomechanical efficiency, and reduces the likelihood of strain injuries andstress. Proper support of feet reduces fatigue of legs and regulates blood circulation for better endurance and durability of the user.

The product line of FootBalance insoles includes full range of cushioning and support grades, aimed at customer convenience and "fit" of any shoe on your feet, regardless of whether these are sports or work shoes, or shoes for your leisure activities.

The heat treatment for the shape and needs of your feet

FootBalance insoles are personalized insoles made to measure for customers individually foreach leg. Your feet are unique. Routine finished goods manufactured in large liners are not unique. They are manufactured as standard shapes, and this makes their suitability for different feet more difficult. Standard insoles expect that the right and left foot are mirror images of what most of us actually do not have.

In order to widen the use of FootBalance insoles, a therapeutic program can be established which may include therapeutic exercises, pain treatment, rehabilitation and monitoring of progress changes.

Seven steps to FootBalance comfort

FootBalance system is based on rapid thermal treatment of insoles according to the needs of your feet based on an analysis of your feet and your body and feet posture:

1. The arches of your feet are analyzed with a podoscope, graphic analyzer of contact imprints of your feet on the sensor screen.


2. The camera scans your ankles and the computer analyzes your feet posture based on the image.


3. You will stand up on heated yet not shaped insoles put on a forming cushion.


4. Our physiotherapist treats and shapes each of the heated insoles in a professional way, so as to perfectly match the shape of your foot and at the same time regulate the proper posture and foot position.


5. When the insoles are individually shaped, the physiotherapist checks whether the insoles correspond to the natural arches of each foot.


6. The insoles can be trimmed, if required by the shape of the shoe.


7. Your new customized FootBalance insoles made 100% to measure are finished and ready for use. The whole process of measurement and adjustment takes less than ten minutes, which is not much time spent for the welfare of your feet!

Itis very convenient if you order several pairs of insoles at once, simultaneously with the analysis of your feet and ankles. You get different pairs of insoles for different uses and activities, such as one for sports and another for shoes to your suit.