Christmas Gift Vouchers

Vianoce už klopú na dvere. Máte pre svojich blízkych darček, ktorý ich naozaj poteší? Darujte relax v podobe masáže, skúšobnú hodinu kondičného tréningu alebo niektorý z našich balíčkov. Darčekovú poukážku vytvoríme presne podľa vašich predstáv.

Christmas Gift Voucher - BEAUTY package

The aim of the BEAUTY package is to refresh and beautify your skin. Within this package, we will focus on firming of facial contours, stretching the skin and increase of blood circulation. The application of nutrition ampoule makes your skin firmer, more flexible, bright.

The therapy lasts 50 minutes. It contains:

- manual face lifting (non-invasive method of face skin lifting)

- fine massage of main face areas

- pleasant relaxation

- application of nutrient

The value of vouchers is € 30.00 and it expires on 30.06.2016.



Christmas Gift Voucher - 50-minutes massage

Whole body and partial massages belong to the most frequently sought passive healing methods, mechanical therapies with well-known effects.
They induce physical and mental release and relaxation, improve blood circulation and accelerate the internal regenerative processes.

Choose your massage:

- classical masage

- sports massage

- reflexology

- the combination of massage techniques

The value of vouchers is € 30.00 and it expires on 30.06.2016.



Build your own gift voucher

We will prepare gift voucher to your liking.


- fitness training?

- Zen Shiatsu massage?

- rehabilitation examination?

- manual lymphatic drainage?

- choose anything from our offer :-)

The value of vouchers depends on your chosen therapy and it expires on 30.06.2016 .